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2023 Roles

Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry 

6th Street Playhouse

Directed by Leontyne Mbele-Mbong

March 2-19, 2023

Roxane in Cyrano by Edmond Rostand

Aurora Theatre Company

Adapted and Directed by Josh Costello

Starts Apr 7, 2023

2022 Roles

Goneril in Lear by Marcus Gardley, 

a modern verse translation of Shakespeare’s King Lear


Co-directed by Eric Ting & Dawn Monique Williams

Sue in Fefu and her Friends by María Irene Fornés 

American Conservatory Theatre

Directed by Pam McKinnon

Read a preview article:

"As ACT mounts ‘Fefu,’ let’s insist on María Irene Fornés’ place in the canon" by Lily Janiak | SF Chronicle, Datebook | March 15, 2022

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