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    Leontyne Mbele-Mbong is an Administrative Services Professional ready to put her phlegmatic nature, organizational skills, and morbid love of spreadsheets to good use. 


Leontyne landed in the Bay Area with a fresh BA in Dramatic Arts from Macalester College, and began her career as a travel consultant handling executive corporate travel for two agencies.  Between those gigs, she took a three-month leave of absence to do a solo walk-about of Southern Europe.


She then began working at an engineering consultant firm, and over the next ten years rose from receptionist to financial administrator to office manager to business development coordinator. 


When not at work, she has served as a Board Member of Lamplighters Music Theatre, and helped them raise money through a volunteer Guild she formed and led. Leontyne is also a working actor who shook the corporate dust off her heels to give herself time to feed her creative passion.


If Leontyne has learned anything in leading this sort of double life, it is the value of administrative work for the smooth running of any enterprise; the skills to provide the necessary support; and an understanding of how important and satisfying it is to work for people whose projects one cares about, and whose entrepreneurial aspirations one wishes to see flourish. 


 It seemed quite à proposnot to say, cogenttherefore, to start a business that will allow others the time to feed their passions.