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August Wilson

American Stage

St Petersburg, FL

2015|2016 Season

Jan 2016


"This production is excellent, quite possibly the best presentation of an August Wilson play I have seen by this company. I am sure that much of the credit needs to go to director L. Peter Callender."

William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway


"Sometimes the theater puts you in the presence of characters so captivating, you don't want the experience to end. ... 

Deftly directed by

L. Peter Callender, these nine figures are funny, admirable, dangerous, misunderstood, wounded, dream-struck, decent and implacable."

Mark Lieb, CL Tampa Bay

Jitney 2016_03.jpg

"A show like this cannot succeed without the guiding hand of director L. Peter Callender. His obvious love for Wilson shows through every scene, every moment of humor, every heartbreaking monologue. The show is beautifully staged, the pacing is spot on, and the acting is as strong as it gets."

Peter Nason, Broadway

directed by L. Peter Callender


Mujahid Adbul-Rashid

Kim Sullivan

Satchel Andre
Ron Bobb-Semple


Aaron Washington

Adrian Roberts
Jazmine Pierce
Josh Goff


Photos by Chad Jacobs

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