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A Raisin in the Sun


Lorraine Hansberry

American Stage

St Petersburg, FL

2018|2018 Season

Jan-Feb 2018

Raisin 2018_06.jpg

"Director L. Peter Callender shows his mastery with the pacing of the play and bringing ALL the actors to shine in their own glory, from the lead actors to the cameos."

Peter Balaskas, Splash Magazines

Raisin 2018_05.jpg

"L. Peter Callender has crafted a production that understands and embraces every nuance in the script, with tensions that rise and fall musically."

Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

Raisin 2018_04.jpg

"Director L. Peter Callender, guided American Stage's last two very powerful August Wilson plays; it's safe to say that he has outdone himself here. This is one beautiful production from a classic script, and everything comes together."

Peter Nason, Broadway World St Petersburg

directed by:
L. Peter Callender
Sheryl Carbonell
Cranstan Cumberbatch 

Jaiden B. Gray 

Fanni Green
Gavin Hawk

Kiara Hines 
Patrick A. Jackson

Elijah Jordan 
Enoch King

Troy D. Wallace
Dee Selmore 

Photos by Kara Goldberg

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