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Richard II

William Shakespeare

African-American Shakespeare Company
San Francisco, CA

2022 Season
Jan-Feb 2020

Richard II 3.jpg

"And marvelous it is! ...

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... In his direction, founder of the African American Shakespeare Company L. Peter Callender ... has instilled each of this ensemble with a lifetime of artistic discovery. He seems to have “Peter-ized” these actors, and filled them with all the grace and insight he has learned over his entire career. It is a joy to behold. ...

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"Director L. Peter Callendar has grabbed every tool at his disposal to tell the story: the five actors who play all the characters utilize commedia del arte style masks, circus skills, vaudeville shtick, Shakespearean depth of emotion, all the stops of their voices, and carefully articulated thought to tell the story and the result is riveting."
Charles Kruger, TheaterStorm

directed by L. Peter Callender

Lijesh Krishnan

Adam Torrian

Tiffany Nwogu

Tony Ortega

Krista Joy Serpa


Photos by Joseph Giammarco

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