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 Tunapuna, Trinidad

  My childhood home 50 years after I left.

A Boy Scout -

the day I saw Queen Elizabeth II up close 

  With my grandmother,

Ena Sorias 

 From Trinidad to London... New York

LPC 11 in London.jpg

Already pro-union!

 JR High School

 80 Bronx 


 Followed by The Juilliard School

 A stop at the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

 Now the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (pictured above)

 A stint at New York University as a member of their Creative Arts Team.


 Then off to Milwaukee Rep for 6 seasons.

 And then to Japan to study Suzuki Technique at the Tadashi Suzuki Company, Toga-Mura


 But enough school ! On to the pros! 

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