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William Shakespeare

African-American Shakes

San Francisco, CA

2018|2019 Season

July 2019

MACBETH_Photo_ Joseph Giammarco.jpg

"[This] production of Macbeth reimagines the tragic "Scottish play" as the bitter and wildly mutinous dream sequence of a homeless American Veteran. ... The company and production both offer much to think about and learn from. Do not miss this production."

Daryanna Lancet, DailyCal

MACBETH_Photo_ Joseph Giammarco.jpg

"Director L. Peter Callender's vision for this classic story of ambition and betrayal is thrillingly modern and dystopian. ... Exciting and inventive, Callender and company are to be congratulated for bringing this classic play to modern resonance" -

Robert Sokol, SF Examiner


Directed by L. Peter Callender,  [AASC]'s noble, fearless, and always compelling artistic director, the classic story suggests the greatest menace to human life is not an external force, but the uncaring, unkind impulse lurking within all of us. ... Make the journey and save your soul."

Lou Fancher, East Bay Express

directed by L. Peter Callender

Funmi Awopetu

Champagne Hughes

Lijesh Krishnan

Leontyne Mbele-Mbong

Sumi Naredran

Oluchi Nwokocha

Mohana Rajagopal

Adrian Roberts

Jamey Williams


Photos by Joseph Giammarco

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