Just Closed

"[U]nder the perfect guidance of the brilliant L. PETER CALLENDER's precise direction, ...this all came off like a charm sans a hitch."

Joseph Parra

[T]wo splendid offerings both stylishly directed and kept looking quite separate from each other by the magnificent L. PETER CALLENDER's direction

"[Mr. Callender] set the show in the French Quarter in New Orleans and this was truly a perfect background for this ultra funny piece. ... his direction of same is flawless and often a real pisser!!!!" 

"L. Peter Callender is simply brilliant as Othello! [He] has us in his camp all the way from tough beginning to tragic horrible end."

Skeleton Crew | Director

It’s 2008, and one of the last auto plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. The remaining factory workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck and now each of the workers must navigate the possibility of foreclosure. As power dynamics shift and they are pushed to the limits of survival, the line between blue collar and white collar gets blurred.  With moments of heartbreak and humor, SKELETON CREW is a beautiful homage to the American blue collar worker.

Jan 23 - Feb 22, 2020


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