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by William Shakespeare
Co-Director  | African-American Shakespeare Company
May 11 - 26, 2024 
Marines' Memorial Theater

Just closed

PIPELINE by Dominique Morisseau
Director  | African-American Shakespeare Company
Mar 16 - 21, 2024
Taube Atrium Theater

"Pipeline,” directed with clarity and precision by L. Peter Callender, brings home the beauty and the challenge of understanding how a younger generation sees the world."
-Barry David Horwitz

"Brilliantly nuanced, Dominique Morisseau's PIPELINE reveals the complexities of Black parenting in the inner city. This is not the Company Director L. Peter Callender’s first production of the play, and his sure hand shows it by mining every possible emotional subtlety, tension, and explosion from the gorgeously crafted script and his experienced ensemble."
-Linda Ayres Frederick

"In the caring and capable hands of director L. Peter Callender and with a cast superb and stellar in every dimension, the African-American Shakespeare Company stages an often heart-stopping, a sometimes heart-breaking, yet in the end a heart-warming Pipeline."
-Eddie Reynolds

"African-American Shakespeare’s L. Peter Callender-directed production totally enthralls as it extracts every bit of relevance and urgency from the taut and compelling script."

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