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"[U]nder the perfect guidance of the brilliant L. PETER CALLENDER's precise direction, ...this all came off like a charm sans a hitch."

Joseph Parra

[T]wo splendid offerings both stylishly directed and kept looking quite separate from each other by the magnificent L. PETER CALLENDER's direction

"[Mr. Callender] set the show in the French Quarter in New Orleans and this was truly a perfect background for this ultra funny piece. ... his direction of same is flawless and often a real pisser!!!!" 

"L. Peter Callender is simply brilliant as Othello! [He] has us in his camp all the way from tough beginning to tragic horrible end."

Satchmo at the Waldorf | Louis Armstrong et al

A one-man, three-character play in which the same actor portrays Louis Armstrong, the greatest of all jazz trumpeters; Joe Glaser, his white manager; and Miles Davis, who admired Armstrong’s playing but disliked his onstage manner. It takes place in 1971 in a dressing room backstage at the Empire Room of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where Armstrong performed in public for the last time four months before his death. Reminiscing into a tape recorder about his life and work, Armstrong seeks to come to terms with his long standing relationship with Glaser, whom he once loved like a father but now believes to have betrayed him.

Feb 18 - 28, 2021

Strange Courtesies banner.png

Feb 27 - Mar 3, 2021

Strange Courtesies | Director & Playwright

A virtual staged reading in collaboration with African American Shakespeare Company.

Citizens of South Africa are confronting a painful past of the apartheid era through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. STRANGE COURTESIES explores the potential restorative power of truth telling, the significance of sympathetic witnesses, and the tasks of both perpetrators and bystanders in the TRC process. Can dignity be restored to victims and their families while offering a basis for individual healing, and promoting the reconciliation of a divided society?

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