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Torvald | Tampa Repertory Theater, Tampa, FL

Nov 3 - 20, 2022

Fri/ Sat evenings – 8:00pm  |  Sat / Sun matinees – 3:00pm

"Torvald’s character is surprisingly nuanced. Gularte said she liked that the play showed a male perspective on how complicated marriage and love can be because of societal constructs of what men and women want. Callender hits every punch of these conflicting emotions with a stellar performance that invites plenty of empathy."

Leonard Parker, LocalToday

"As Torvald, L. Peter Callender is exquisite. Having last witnessed his prowess during the virtual screening of Satchmo at the Waldorf, his presence onstage in person is unmatched. He rivals toe to toe with Nora in every back and forth. He is stoic and staunch, no-nonsense, and yet you feel the wounded parts of him as well."

Drew Eberhard, Broadway World

As a door slams in 1879 Norway, a young wife and mother leaves behind her family, freeing herself from the shackles of traditional societal constraints. Now, 15 years later, that same door opens to reveal Nora, a changed woman with an incredibly awkward favor to ask the people who she abandoned. Lucas Hnath’s bitingly funny sequel to Ibsen’s revolutionary masterpiece unfolds in a series of bristling stand-offs that reveal in Nora’s world, much like our own, behind every opinion there is a person, and a slamming door isn’t just an end, but also the chance for a new beginning.

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San Jose Stage Company

Citizens of South Africa are confronting a painful past of the apartheid era through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. STRANGE COURTESIES explores the potential restorative power of truth telling, the significance of sympathetic witnesses, and the tasks of both perpetrators and bystanders in the TRC process. Can dignity be restored to victims and their families while offering a basis for individual healing, and promoting the reconciliation of a divided society?