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This classic Shakespeare tale of race is set in a contemporary time in Washington, D.C. and Syria. Othello, an outsider who grew up in Africa’s military gang with a strong muslim background; marries a young white Christian woman. How do these two opposing cultures and roles fit with customs, traditions, and families?

October 12 - 27, 2019

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"Callender seems born to play this role. The character’s explosive emotional life exudes from his very pores. He has an almost animal-like physicality that’s electrifying to watch, especially in a scene in which he collapses in an epileptic seizure. This Othello, played with a melodious (presumably North African) accent, is at the mercy of his bodily impulses."

Jean Schiffman - SF Examiner

"[Mr. Callender’s] eventual metamorphosis into a full-fledge monster is all the more horrific because [he] is able at first to make us believe that maybe this particular Othello will not be taken in by Iago’s outlandish insinuations.... The performance is nothing short of magnificent and horrifying at the same time."

Eddie Reynolds - Theatre Eddys

"L. Peter Callender is an actor of remarkable range. ... [His] Othello is a huge personality, full of romance and rage and possessing a frightening bestiality as well. This Othello is neither entirely gentle or brutal, brilliant or naive, convincing or phony, He is a boiling cauldron of fascinating contradictions.

Charles Kruger - TheatreStorm

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