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Dominique Morisseau

American Stage

St Petersburg, FL

2018|2019 Season

Jan-Feb 2019

Pipeline 3.jpg

"Directed by L. Peter Callender, the play is a taut, rhythmic exploration of what happens when parents are stressed, educators feel threatened, and students are misunderstood."

J.A. Jones, Weekly Challenger

"Director L. Peter Callender clearly understands the complexities and frailties of human interaction..."

Keven Renken, Creative Pinellas

Pipeline 2019_03.jpg

"From superb direction, an exceptionally-cast ensemble to seamless set changes, perfect costumes, lighting and sound, this is a show that won’t leave you and maybe- actually not maybe – the truth is – it shouldn’t."

Deborah Bostock-Kelley, Groove Magazine

"The matchup of L. Peter Callender and American Stage is one made in theatrical heaven."

William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway

Pipeline 2019_02.jpg

"Morisseau...writes in tight scenes, each with a clear purpose. Callender...has a knack for distilling that purpose and getting actors to evoke it."

Andrew Meachan, Tampa Bay Times

"And under the flawless direction of L. Peter Callender, “Pipeline” continues to maintain American Stages’ track record as a regional theater with a perfect 2018/2019 season…so far."

Peter Balaskas, Splash Magazines

directed by L. Peter Callender

Cynthia Beckert
Andrew Montgomery Coleman 
Cranstan Cumberbatch 
Gillian Glasco

Kiara Hines 

Aaron Morton


Photos by Beth Reynolds

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