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Black Eagles


Leslie Lee

African-American Shakes

San Francisco, CA

2018|2019 Season

Mar 2019

BLACK EAGLES _ Photo_ Joseph Giammarco

"Like the Tuskegee airmen, we are forced to question the righteousness and justice of every American war. “Black Eagles” recaptures Black History and makes it live."

Robert M. Gardner, Theatrius

BLACK EAGLES _ Photo_ Joseph Giammarco

"Like a wise and compassionate commanding officer, director L. Peter Callender coaxes the individual stories into the spotlight, drawing emotionally honest performances from a cast with variable performance skills." 

Robert Sokol, SF Examiner

BLACK EAGLES _ Photo_ Joseph Giammarco

"One has the mistaken impression that one of the simplest things to portray as an actor is drunkenness. Wrong.  These talented actors under Callender’s superb direction, slowly, gradually and naturally grew more inebriated as the scene progressed while maintaining their characters."

Gaetana Caldwell-Smith, For All Events

directed by L. Peter Callender

Donald Antoine

Luchan Baker

William Caldwell

Brandon Callender

Ron Chapman

Devin Cunningham

Kyle Goldman

Gift Harris

Joseph Pendleton

Todd Risby

Thomas Robert Simpson

Gene Thompson

Margherita Ventura


Photos by Joseph Giammarco

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