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Actor, coach and Mentor - L. Peter Callender is Artist in Residence for Skyline's Drama Program. 

Skyline High School | Jan 8, 2020

“L. Peter Callender has helped me understand the power of my presence on stage, the power of operative words of emphasis for actors to let the audience know the most important thing a character is saying as well as the importance of living in the moment,” said Hezekiah Pemberton, class of 2020.

BWW Review: 18 for 2018: The Best Local Shows & Performances of the Year 
Broadway World Tampa/St Petersburg  by Peter Nason | Dec 26, 2018

"Best Plays:

#3 BETWEEN RIVERSIDE & CRAZY ...spotlighting one of the single finest performances of the year: L. Peter Callender |  #7 A RAISIN IN THE SUN [directed by L. Peter Callender] ... I doubt that I will find a better production of A RAISIN IN THE SUN anytime soon.


African-American Shakespeare Company Casts Theater Classic in a New Light 
CBS SF Bay Area by Christin Ayers and Jennifer Mistrot | March 25, 2018

"When the lights go up [on A Streetcar Named Desire], I want them to sit for a second and think about what they saw,” said Callender. “Not just because it was a primarily all-black cast. Certainly they’ll see that. But I want them to say ‘Wow! I’ve never heard that line spoken that way before or this company exists? Holy cow! I want to come back!'"

African-American Shakespeare Company drives 'Jitney' onto the stage
Bay Area Plays by David John Chavez | March 30, 2017

"L. Peter Callender understands why “Jitney” is such a revered piece in pantheon of Wilson’s greatest works. Callender, who is directing the play and portrays Becker, sees the parallels between Wilson and another iconic playwright."

Year in Review: My Favorite Plays of 2016
The Conical Glass by Sue Trowbridge | December 23, 2016

"You know who starred in this play? L. Peter Callender, that’s who. Seriously, the man was everywhere in 2016. ... the shattering climactic scene, in which Callender’s aging, black Sam faces off against Andrew Humann’s young, white Hally, will stay with me forever.

L. Peter Callender isn't playing it safe 
SF Chronicle by Emily Wilson | November 2, 2016

"L. Peter Callender takes on a lot. Besides being artistic director of San Francisco’s African American Shakespeare Company, he regularly appears in shows with companies including Berkeley Repertory, Marin Theatre Company and California Shakespeare Theater, where he is an associate artist."

Callender Takes on the Role of Mugabe as a Powerful Man Haunted by Ghosts in "Breakfast with Mugabe"
SF Weekly by Emily Wilson | Nov 12, 2014

"To play Robert Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, L. Peter Callender read everything he could find about the man known for fighting British colonial rule in his country and treating his opponents brutally once in power. He also watched all sorts of videos on YouTube – both of Mugabe’s speeches and interviews as well as those of his wife and other world leaders talking about him."

Catching Excellence 

The Monthly by Mike Rosen-Molina | July 7, 2014

"The responsibility is awesome. You put everything you believe in on stage, and you have to just say 'This is my taste; I hope you like it.' If I were to buy a ticket for this show, I would like it. That's my barometer. If this were an art piece, would I hang it in my house? As long as you feel your best, let it fly....

But helming African-American Shakespeare is more than just a chance to stage great theater. For [me], it's part of a continuing lifelong ambition to demonstrate the talents and abilities of African-American actors."

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