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The Basic 

One hour coaching session


Save 10%

Pre-paid 5 sessions


Save 20%

Pre-paid 10 sessions


Schedule a session 


There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for private coaching sessions.

You will be charged for a full session if 24-hour advanced notice is not provided.

Pre-paid sessions are non-refundable and will be forfeited if not used within a year of first session taken.

Pre-paid 5 Sessions (save 10%!)


Pre-paid 10 Sessions (save 20%!)


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"Peter’s approach to performing is incredibly unique. You watch him as an actor and you know how incredibly opportune you are to witness his talent. You trust him completely. So, when it came to choosing an acting coach to get me into one of the top acting programs in the country, it was a no brainer I chose to work with Peter. He guided me through the process, allowed me to be vulnerable whilst challenging me to trust the text.

I have never met an acting coach who has such a distinct eye and ear for language as much as Peter does. He is incredibly patient with you whilst working to get the ‘ah ha moment’ you need to be the embodiment of a character.  His authentic approach to performance is what motivates me to seek him out every time.  I can always trust he is present, ready and willing to work with you.

He’s a blessing! I have not regretted one day having him as my acting coach."

Tarilabo Koripamo

"I suppose I first became a student of L. Peter Callender's while sitting in the audience in several of the local venues where he regularly performs. Indeed you can learn much from an actor by watching him practice his craft, and it seems to me that Peter approaches his own stage roles in much the same way that he approaches his role as teacher: bringing the discipline and refinement of classical training to bear on his deeply respectful sensitivity to human behaviors and motivations. In coaching sessions, Peter deploys a spot-on intuition that allows actors to rapidly and authentically develop scenes and monologues. His Shakespeare acting course was a marvel of "group pedagogy" in which Peter motivated each and every student--however widely diverse their backgrounds and abilities--to access emotional reservoirs, to polish technical delivery, and to demonstrate confident ownership of new audition material. I've found Peter's instruction to be as enjoyable as it is rigorous; he's a spectacular human being who represents a well-spring of inspiration in my life-long theater education."

Rachael Kayhan

"Peter is an intense, passionate and dedicated teacher. His wisdom and depth is inspirational and consistent. He represents theatre in its highest form and settles for nothing less. You would be honored. If that doesn't make sense to you, this will: I went from not having a resume and headshot, to acting in regional theaters in less than a year. I could not have done this without L. Peter Callender."

Biko Eisen-Martin | Actor

"Taking four of L. Peter Callender's 'Acting Shakespeare' courses was a contiuously rewarding experience. Peter's teaching is as brilliant as his acting--and that is saying a lot! He is endlessly inventive, incisive, and caring, and he joyfully adapts to student's different abilities and goals. Peter works with people instead of teaching at them. As a woman who uses an electric wheelchair, I appreciate his gift for 'non-traditional casting'. He gave me the foundational skills and confidence to rally an army as Henry V, confront Richard III as Queen Elizabeth, and perform other challenging roles as well--all in the supportive environment of his classroom. His expert instruction and kind encouragement has enriched my life and my own teaching."

Dr. Julie Morfee | English Instructor, De Anza College

"Whether I was just starting out, preparing for an audition, or working on a role, my one-on-one coaching sessions with L. Peter Callender always included goal setting, text analysis, and honest feedback. He discusses performances and acting techiques with me and he has provided excellent career guidance. I now have a film, an industrial, a play and a commercial on my resume!"

Awele Makeba | Actress & Drama Teacher

"Peter is a generous teacher who brings an infectious enthusiasm and knowledge both ecclectic and deep to all his classes. No matter what your level of experience, Peter meets you at that point and helps you grow."

Elinor Bell | Actor/Audio Book Narrator

"Peter is always more than willing to work with me one on one.

I find his coaching sessions inspiring, refreshing, and productive.

I worked with him to prepare for my Grad School auditions and every school I auditioned for invited me to their callbacks. Using the same monologues Peter helped me discover information about my character I had not yet realized (information other teachers had never helped to uncover). He brings a clarity to performance unlike any other acting coach...really working with you and the text. He gives you the tools to succeed and land whatever role you want. If you work with L. Peter Callender you will work in this industry. If you want to get into a top theatre program or land an audition and/or become a better actor and performer working with L. Peter Callender is a must!"

ZZ Moore / Actress

"L. Peter Callender knows his Shakespeare! He helped me get into the grit of each word and turn of phrase, allowing me to be vocally dexterous. L. Peter pushed me to work harder, yet at the same time is a kind and supportive acting coach."

Carla Pantoja / Actress & Fight Choreographer

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